25 Best Clean Eating Desserts


1. Chocolate Soufflé with Cream and Raspberry Filling 

 YES you CAN enjoy desserts in clean eating–and this mouthwatering chocolate soufflé cake is proof! Made with organic dark chocolate and Beecher’s all-natural hand-crafted cheese, the cake contains pure ingredients and natural sugars. It’s simply sensational!

Find recipe at Clean Eating Dessert – Chocolate Soufflé Cake.



2. Banana Mint Ice-Cream

This clean eating dessert is virtually fat free but tastes just as sweet and refreshing as real ice-cream. Also, it takes virtually no time to prepare. Loved this idea! Find it at Clean Eating Banana Mint Ice-Cream.



3. Baked Pear with Blue Cheese and Toasted Almonds 

 Fruits, cheeses and nuts are great as clean eating desserts because they contain a healthy combination of simple carbs, fats, vitamins and essential nutrients. To make the pears more dessert-ish, they were baked to tenderness and drizzles with natural sweetener like agave or honey.

This was a delightful dessert but also a healthy one. Try it at Clean Eating Dessert.


4. Melted Chocolate Over Banana

Slice banana, top with organic dark chocolate morsels, bake in oven for 10 min or so, splash with cinnamon, and enjoy!

Click this link for full recipe, as well as other delicious clean eating ideas.


5. Chia Pods


6. Strawberry Goat Cheese Sandwich 

This sandwich can be either breakfast or dessert. Heck! I’d eat it for lunch some days. Regardless, it’s delicious with creamy goat cheese spread and strawberry sauce. I think you’ll enjoy this delightful choice.

Get recipe from here. 



7. Bodacious Banana Bowl with Strawberry Sauce

Bodacious indeed! And delicious too. This totally raw and totally clean fruit bowl is not only sweet and sensational, it’s pretty too.

Find recipe at Banana Bowl with Strawberry.


8. Mixed Fruits


9. Mango Nectar Smoothie 

 Mango and nectar are both summer fruits abundant in vitamins and sweet in flavor. Together they made a refreshing, citrusy smoothie delightful for breakfast, snack or dessert.

The smoothie has simple ingredients and is easy to make. Find recipe at Clean Eating Mango Nectar Smoothie.



10. Clean Eating Peach Cobbler

Brown rice is healthier than white rice because it doesn’t undergo layers of processing like white rice does, and therefore maintains more of rice’s natural nutrients. This clean eating peach cobbler uses organic brown rice for topping, which turned out equally crispy and delicious. This version of peach cobbler is lighter than usual but still juicy and light. Would taste great with a side of vanilla frozen Greek yogurt.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Peach Cobbler if you’re interested.


11. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie

All natural peanut butter and organic oat meal are excellent for clean eating.  They’re both natural, full of nutrients and energizing. This recipe also uses natural sugar, which makes the cookies even cleaner.

I hope you like the recipe, which can be found at Clean Eating Dessert.



12. Apple Banana and Nut Butter sandwich 

 These were easy and yummy; just stack Apple and banana slices together with all-natural peanut butter.

Recipe at Clean Eating Snack Idea.


13. Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers

Just tried these frozen banana Nibblers last night, and they were as much fun to make as to eat. My kids loved their chewy texture and natural sweetness–and I loved how they’re clean and healthy snacks the little ones enjoy.

You can find the recipe at Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers. Great clean eating snack idea!

14. Vegan Yogurt Ice-Cream 

 When I heard the words “vegan” and “ice-cream,” I immediately became intrigued. Then I learned that this recipe is not only vegan, it’s also gluten-free, sugar-free and completely clean–and by then, I became elated. Made with organic strawberries and natural sweeteners, this recipe couldn’t be healthier. And the taste factor? Up there!

I LOVED this clean eating idea! Hope you do too.

Find recipe at Vegan Yogurt Ice-Cream.


15. Goat Cheese and Almond Stuffed Peach Halves

Goat cheese is great for clean eating because it’s lower in fat and calories and gentler on the digestive system. Mixed with honey and nuts, goat cheese makes an ideal stuffing for peach or nectarine halves.

This goat cheese-stuff peach recipe is easy, juicy and sweet. You’ll love this delectable dessert.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Dessert.



16. Baked Plantain with Nut Butter and Nuts 

 Like its cousin, banana, plantain is a staple for carbohydrates in many diets. It’s quite starchy, and the starch later converts to sugar and energy. Also like banana, plantain is relatively low in calories, with about 87 calories per an average-sized plantain, and has adequate amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber. It’s also rich in potassium, which regulates heart rate and blood pressure.

Today’s clean eating dessert is both healthy and delicious. Baked to a softness texture and decorated with creamy nut butter, these plantain halves are definition of guilty-less pleasure.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Dessert: Baked Plantain.



17. Banana Orange Strawberry Smoothie

Supple strawberries and citrus-y orange always make a refreshing combo–and a great clean eating dessert too.

Enjoy this delicious and easy recipe at Banana Orange Strawberry Smoothie.


banana strawberry organce smoothie


18. Fresh Figs


19. No-Sugar Blueberry Peach Crisps

No sugar? I’m in.

Even without sugar, this naturally-sweetened fruit bowl, topped with whole wheat crisps, tastes sweet and delectable. Tender peaches, juicy blueberries and crispy topping always create a perfect combo!

Get recipe at Blueberry Peach Crisps.



20. Chia Parfait 

 Chia seeds are loaded with nutrient including fiber, omega-3, protein and calcium. They’re one of the few foods loaded with nutrients and are still low in calories–and because of this, chia seeds are popular in clean eating.

Chia seeds are also versatile in cooking. They are used in many types of recipes, including today’s chia parfait, which is raw but probably the healthiest way to consume chia–or any food as a matter of fact.

According to the recipe’s author at Healthy Cancer Chick, “when food is cooked above 118 degrees F for three minutes or longer, its protein has become coagulated, its sugar has become caramelized, its natural fibers have been broken down, which means it will take longer to move through the intestinal tract, 30% to 50% of its vitamins and minerals have been destroyed and 100% of its enzymes have been destroyed. Cooked food depletes our body’s enzyme potential and drains the energy we need to maintain and repair our tissues and organ systems and shortens our lifespan.”

Wow! Sounds like eating raw trumps eating clean. Therefore, I totally recommend this raw and clean chia parfait.

21. Maple Pecan Bananas 

 If you’re going to indulge in sugar, you might as well indulge in natural sugar, used in this mouthwatering clean eating dessert, with lightly-toasted pecan over baked bananas, swimming in a pool of real maple sauce.

Interested in the recipe? Find it at Maple Pecan Bananas.



22. Fruit Skewers

How cute are these! 

And so easy too. 



23. Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt with Raspberries and Honey

Very simple idea: top nonfat plain Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey.

You’re done!


24. Maple Walnut Raspberry Smoothie 

 This raspberry and walnut smoothie is both fruity and nutty. Add the natural sweetness of real maple syrup, and you have yourself a clean and delightful dessert.

Find smoothie recipe at Raspberry Walnut Smoothie.


25. Baked Apple with Blue Cheese, Date and Pistachios

Combining sweet Apple slices, sharp blue cheese and crunchy pistachios creates an explosion of flavors that surprisingly pleases the palate.

The best part? These take about 10 minutes to make. Now we all like that.

Find recipe at Clean Eating  Dessert





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