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Healthy Snack – Clean Eating Snack Recipe for Roasted Garlic Hummus

clean eating snack recipe

Yum Thanks again for visiting Best Clean Eating Recipes! Today’s healthy snack was extremely easy and absolutely delicious. Honestly one of my favorite nutritious snacks to make and eat. I’ve always felt that the simplest recipes are the best, and this roasted garlic hummus is proof. I enjoyed my dip with crunchy cucumber slices, but of course, you can eat it with many other nutritious snacks. I also had it with All-Natural Hummus Chips and Stacy’s Natural Pita Chips. They were both

Clean Eating Breakfast Recipe – Chives and Feta Scrambled Eggs

clean eating breakfast recipe

Yum Widgets  Hi everyone. Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! Isn’t it ironic that the easiest recipes are usually the best? Today’s Chives and Feta Scrambled Eggs is no exception. It was simple, quick and healthy; but most of all, it was tasty. One of my favorite herbs is chives. Its grassy and slightly sweet flavor agrees with my taste. Growing up in China, our family ate chives every other day, because it’s used heavily in Chinese cooking.

Healthy Dessert – Clean Eating Peach Cobbler Recipe

clean eating dessert

Yum For those of you looking for flour substitutes, organic brown rice flour is a wonderful choice. It’s what I used for tonight’s healthy dessert, and guess what? It tasted even better than white flour. I LOVED-LOVED tonight’s clean eating peach cobbler! It was sweet, juicy and melt-y. If you want to give brown rice flour a try, the one below (sold here) is a good choice.   Below is the recipe for this clean, easy and delicious dessert. If

Healthy Dessert for Clean Eating – Chocolate Melt Over Banana

clean eating dessert

Yum Widgets  Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! You will like today’s healthy clean eating dessert. It was sweet and simple, and one of my favorite desserts to make. Not only was it fuss-free–took less than 15 minutes–it was absolutely delicious! If you’re a chocolate-lover, you’re good to go. Many people are surprised that Clean Eating allows the consumption of chocolate. They must be confusing Clean Eating Diet Plan with Weight Loss Diet Plan. Yes, Clean Eating may

Clean Eating Dinner Recipe – Pork and Leek Stir Fry

clean eating dinner recipe

Yum Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! Today’s clean eating dinner is another family favorite–and also one I learned from Grandma back in China. It’s different from Grandma’s version, because the leek I used is not Chinese leek, or chives. It’s the bulky bunch that’s sold in American grocery stores. Still, it’s sweet, grassy and fragrant, and works well in stir fry. When stir fried in oil, the vegetable’s flavor becomes pronounced, and pairs quite nicely with pork. Most

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