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Clean Eating Snack Idea – Goat Cheese and Almonds Stuffed in Peach Halves

clean eating snack idea

Yum Today’s clean eating recipe is one of my favorite clean eating snacks so far. Love peaches! They’re sweet, tender and juicy. Though a citrus fruit, they don’t taste as acidic as some of the others, and can be enjoyed alone. However, they are also great as a part a dish. Right now, in the summer, peaches are the ripest–and I’m certainly taking advantage of that. Love goat cheese too! It’s a clean eating must. First of all, goat cheese is low in calories–around 76 calories and 6 grams

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Curry Chicken Broil

clean eating dinner idea

Yum Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! Today’s clean eating dinner idea has my favorite flavor–curry. I love curry’s culmination of spices, because they’re worldly, sharp, unique and most of all, delicious. For the curry chicken broil, you don’t need heavy oils or cream to induce taste–just a few splashes of various herbs and spices, and a scrumptious clean eating meal is done. I hope you enjoy toddy’s clean eating dinner. It’s really a great way to cook chicken.

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Garlic and Snow Pea Stir Fry

clean eating dinner idea

Yum Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! Tonight’s clean eating dinner idea is clean to the core–as in fresh out of the garden. These snow peas were grown in my parents’ garden. My parents have been growing snow peas for the past 15 years, and they’ve always had successful harvest. Lucky for the entire family, because we love to eat snow peas! Not only are they crunchy and refreshing, they add natural sweetness to any recipe. Tonight’s Clean Eating

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Simple Shrimp & Avocado Salad

clean eating dinner idea

Yum Summer is great for clean eating! There’re many light and easy recipes to create or choose from. In the summer, fruits are ripe; vegetables are fresh; and seafood are a-plenty. Today’s clean eating dinner idea incorporates baby shrimp, which are light, clean and delicious. Clean eaters love them, including myself. and today’s shrimp and avocado salad recipe is light, clean, and delicious as well–exactly what summer and clean eating recipes should be like. Plus, the recipe has avocado. Who

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Buttery Shrimp Salad Over Avocado & Whole Wheat Rolls

clean eating dinner idea

Yum   What I like the most about today’s Clean Eating Dinner Recipe… is that it’s a refreshing idea, and channels summer’s fresh, light and healthy persona. First of all, who doesn’t like avocado! It’s wholesome, scrumptious and full of nutrients. Then, the recipe uses baby shrimp, crunchy veggies, and a fusion of sweet and light sauces. All the flavors blend nicely together, and form a savory clean meal. You won’t feel heavy or greasy after eating this–just satisfied. To print the recipe, please scroll down

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Sweet Cherry Cream Brown Sauce Over Baked Chicken

clean eating dinner idea

Yum   Hi there! Welcome back to Best Clean Eating Recipes! For the last clean eating recipe, I introduced a very delicious Cherry Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie. Hope you had an opportunity to make it. With almost an entire bag of ripe Bing cherries left, I decided to create a sweet and creamy sauce as a clean eating dinner idea. I recall using apricots for a similar recipe last year, and it was a success. My entire family loved it, as well

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